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My name is Harli G. and I am purpose in heels.

I am a woman who is passionate, energetic, and purpose-driven all while maintaining authenticity. I don’t make excuses for who I am and will not apologize for it. I am a mother, daughter, sister, wife, and friend who lives in my purpose every single day which is to seek deeper connections. My support system is everything to me. I yearn to hear about people’s stories and experiences. I am also the person that walks into a room and brings the "good" energy.


So, what brought me here?


During the pandemic, I realized that I had a bigger responsibility outside of Corporate America. While I truly appreciate the experience and knowledge gained while working my way through the ranks, it is not where my voice will have the biggest impact or where I can truly be my most authentic self. I have chosen to venture into podcasting because media has always been a part of my path. It is where I can have the most reach - to know that every experience and story has a purpose and a connection to it, is the most powerful message of them all.

I am passionate about Inside the Bubble with Harli G. because it is my higher purpose. Before starting this journey, I felt like a part of me was just going through the motions of life. Now, I have more intent, more support, and even more drive in my day-to-day. This podcast is important because I now have a legacy that I can leave to my four children.

So, who is this podcast for?

My ideal listener consists of the mother on-the-go and the high-achieving career woman who is known to take care of everyone around her. She caters to her family, volunteers in the community, and excels in her 9-5 job yet seldom does she have time for leisure. She prioritizes faith, family, and her career. If you ask her support system about her, they’ll say “I don’t know how she does it all”. She always puts others' needs before her own. She moves so fast that her only downtime is when she is in the car by herself driving between appointments.

If what I’ve described sounds like you, join me on this beautiful journey where we will laugh, cry, and celebrate every moment that will ultimately lead you to your greater truth. Remember, there’s purpose in your story.

Those who know and love me say...

"Harli, even with the world as bleak as it is sometimes, astoundingly lives her life every day with an inspirational passion for people."

Raicheal Tringali

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